Representative Matters

Corporate Litigation

Case: A multinational corporation sought to prevent a foreign company from producing goods following a trial for misappropriation of trade secrets and breaches of contract.
Result: The court awarded the corporate client a permanent injunction, damages, and attorney’s fees. The First Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the judgment on appeal.

Consumer Protection

Case: A client purchased a defective new vehicle from a Long Island car dealership. Despite the car using excessive quarts of oil, the defendant dealer claimed that the problem was normal for that particular model.
Result: After contacting the manufacturer, the car dealer provided the client with a new car and retrieved the defective vehicle.

Case: A Long Island paving and masonry company breached its contract with the client because the company removed the homeowner’s driveway and failed to repave it for over a year.
Result: A week after retaining counsel, the paving company finished the job by installing the new driveway to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Real Estate Litigation

Case: Another attorney referred a client who breached a contract to purchase real estate and could not secure the return of the downpayment.
Result: Although the client was not entitled to any refund, a settlement was negotiated and the client recovered fifty percent of the money.